Chinese tech firm donates security system to Ugandan hospital

By Editorial Board - 28 June 2015 at 11:06 am

Uganda’s biggest hospital, Mulago National Referral Hospital, is set to receive a donation of a security system from Chinese tech firm ZTE to help with preventing new-born babies from being stolen from the hospital. The Managing Director with ZTE Uganda, Wang Senbo, told Xinhua that the surveillance system is planned to be installed in the maternity ward. This project is part of ZTE’s social welfare scheme

“The stealing of babies has been worrying us. We need to track activities in the wards,” said Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga at a ceremony held at the hospital on June 26. She continued to thank the Chinese company for “supporting mothers in this country,” reported Xinhua. This project is critical in preventing new-borns being stolen from the hospital.

Around 30,000 babies are born in the hospital per year creating a very crowded environment in which the perpetrators can more easily take advantage of the situation and snatch the babies. It has been suggested that nursers and midwives are part of the problem, stealing babies from their mothers who are then sold to either Ugandan couples unable to have children or foreign couples. However, The Observer, recently stated that it seems that the perpetrators may be posing as attendants working in the hospital rather than actual hospital staff.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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