South Sudan talks continue hours ahead of final deadline

By Editorial Board - 17 August 2015 at 5:45 pm

South Sudan talks continue today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, only hours ahead of the final deadline to come to some sort of peace agreement, which will avoid sanctions being imposed if no agreement is reached.

President Salva Kiir and rebel chief Riek Machar met along with the regional presidents in Ethiopia. President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that the two sides are under intense diplomatic pressure to sign a deal by today’s deadline.

However Kiir, who it is reported arrived in Ethiopia late on Sunday, said he was “compelled” to join the talks and he cautioned it would not be possible to create and sign a lasting or full peace deal until all opposition factions in the country could join the discussions.

“A peace that cannot be sustained cannot be signed,”said Kiir on Sunday. “You should sign something that you will enjoy. If it is signed today and then tomorrow we go back to war, then what have we achieved?”

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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