Somalia: Several military officers dead after suspected Al-Shabaab attack near Kenya’s border

By Editorial Board - 22 August 2015 at 7:50 pm
110330-F-UA873-045 NAIROBI, Kenya (CJTF-HOA PAO) – U.S. Army Sergeant Jerry Kastein helps Kenyan air force Senior Private Rob Bagaja Hassan get in position during a counter-improvised-explosive-device drill March 30, 2011. Soldiers from various East African nations, including Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Sudan attended the week-long class, taught mostly by Kenyan soldiers, to learn counter-IED practices currently utilized by U.S. service members in combat theaters. Kastein was part of a team sent to Nairobi to share their experiences and training with the Kenyans, who will use the knowledge to instruct their own military and allied forces. (AFRICOM photo by Staff Sgt. Austin M. May)

Several government soldiers along with a military commander have been killed in an attack on an army base in Giriley village near the Somali-Kenya border, officials told Somali based Shabelle Media Network.

The attack took place when hooded and heavily armed gunmen, suspected to be part of Al Shabaab, ambushed a military checkpoint in the Giriley area in southern Somalia’s Gedo province.

Abdi Sheikh Ibrahim, a Somali military commander is among those who were killed early on Friday.

“In Friday attack, we lost scores of soldiers including senior commander but we have inflicted heavy losses upon Al Shabaab attackers” a military officer who, asked to remain anonymous, told Shabelle Media Network.

The government nor the Islamist militant group, Al Shabaab, have commented on the attack that Shabelle Media Network says left a dozen soldiers dead.

The Kenyan police force recently named three men who are believed to be major recruiters of young Kenyans to the Islamist militant groups, in particular Somalia’s al-Shabab and who are not believed to be operating in Somali.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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