Al-Shabaab has taken control of a second strategic town in Somalia

By Editorial Board - 8 September 2015 at 2:57 pm


Al-Shabaab fighters have taken control of a second strategic town in Somalia after the African Union peacekeeping troops withdrew, residents of Buq Aqable in the central Hiran region told the Mail & Guardian Africa.

The Islamist militant group have also taken over Kurtunwarey a southern town in Somalia on September 4. The takeover occurred after the militants attacked the African Union military base in Janaale, close to the capital, Mogadishu.

So far the Ugandan government has denied reports made my certain media outlets that up to 50 of their peacekeeping troops were killed in the attack on the African Union base, along with possibly 50 missing.

Hassan Geele, a resident of Buq Aqable, told Bloomberg by phone on Sunday, “masked al-Shabaab fighters, who were walking in large numbers, took control of the town.”

Only a few weeks ago it seemed that al-Shabaab were suffering and close to defeat, especially after loss of territory. However, with these new gains it could mean that the group may be resurging, however it is still unclear.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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