Burkina Faso: 14 candidates due to partake in the election next month

By Editorial Board - 11 September 2015 at 4:47 pm

AP Photo/Francois Mori, File

Officials in Burkina Faso have stated that 14 candidates are due to partake in the election next month. This is the first election take place since Blaise Compaore was forced from power in the West African nation.

Compaore served as president for close to three decades until there was a popular uprising last year ousting him from power. The vote due to take place next month is predicted to be the most free and fair election since the country’s independence in 1960 from France, reported News24.

However, the new electoral code, which was adopted by the transitional parliament, excludes all who supported the former president’s proposal to amend the constitution, which would have enabled him to seek another term. Those who were part of the former ruling party, Congress for Democracy and Progress, are also barred from the taking part in the election.

The presidential and legislative elections are schedules for October 11 and are aimed at ending the one year transitional rule which was imposed after Compaore was expelled from power by popular uprising.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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