SAfrica: Genital mutilation video found in Danish man’s home

By Editorial Board - 24 September 2015 at 9:48 pm

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South African police have found a video of female genital mutilation and child pornography in the home of the Danish man arrested for storing female genitalia in his freezer, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Police found a cellphone video of a woman being mutilated, said Warrant Officer Lynda Steyn. The woman in the video could not be identified, but seemed to be conscious, said Steyn. Police also found photographs of mutilated genitalia as well as a collection of images of child pornography.

The Danish man, 63, is charged with assault, intimidation and breaking South Africa’s medical laws, said Steyn. He is in police custody until his next court appearance on Sept. 28.

The man was arrested last Thursday in Bloemfontein in the central Free State province. He was found storing 21 pieces of genitalia in his freezer, along with anesthetic and surgical implements.

It appears the man kept the genitalia as trophies, said Steyn adding that one of the specimens found was labelled with a woman’s name, the country Lesotho, and the year 2010.

It is not known if the body parts are from 21 different women. It is also not known how the man committed the assaults or if the victims are dead or alive. Police have asked women assaulted by the man to come forward.

The Associated Press has not named the man because under South African law he should not be identified until he enters a plea to the charges.

LYNSEY CHUTEL, Associated Press

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