Rwanda and DRC launch new round of security talks

By Editorial Board - 27 September 2015 at 7:50 pm
This photo taken on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, shows a large area of natural forest that has been burnt down on a yearly basis to make charcoal near the village of Mweso, Democratic Republic of Congo. Many hope the elimination of the FDLR will create stability not only in eastern Congo but in Rwanda, where the government has long been accused of backing rebels who fight the FDLR. The FDLR, though, also have become an integral part of the region's economy, running the illegal charcoal trade that provides thousands of households with fuel to cook and heat their homes despite causing deforestation. (AP Photo/Melanie Gouby)

AP Photo/Melanie Gouby

Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have launched a new round of security talks. Both countries have described the decision as “a new chapter” in their relations.

In a joint statement with the Rwanda’s Defence minister James Kabarebe and his visiting Congolese counterpart Aimé Lusa-Diese Ngoi-Mukena they said that the two countries say they are committed to cooperating in the repatriation of FDLR combatants as well as the Congo’s former members of the M23 rebels.

“The Kigali meeting has opened a new chapter in our bilateral cooperation [as we move] to resolve security challenges facing the two countries, particularly the eradication of FDLR which remains in the Eastern DR Congo and continues to pose a threat to the two countries, and the repatriation of ex-M23 combatants cantoned in Rwanda,” they said.

A United Nations brigade was created using more than 20,000 troops for the UN Stabilisation Mission in the Congo (Monusco) in order to eliminate the negative dynamics in the country.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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