British troops to be deployed in South Sudan and Somalia

By Editorial Board - 30 September 2015 at 9:33 pm

AP Photo/Jason Patinkin

David Cameron has committed 300 British troops to South Sudan in order to try and bring some stability and security to the fledgling country to curb the illegal migration from the country.

Whilst a peace deal was signed last month between the two warring parties, the fighting has continued. Cameron said the peacekeeping forces were being deployed to nurture “less terrorism and less migration”.

Cameron has not only committed troops to South Sudan but also in Somalia. “We think Britain has a particular role in training and logistics and expertise and standards, so we want to step up what we are doing. But let me stress, we all want to see all the right force-protection arrangements in place but we should be playing a part in this.

“What happens in Somalia, if it’s a good outcome, it’s good for Britain, it means less terrorism, less migration, less piracy; ditto South Sudan.”

Cameron said it was “absolutely vital that the international community works together to shore up stability in Africa”.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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