Burundi – what next?

By Editorial Board - 14 January 2016 at 3:31 pm
Burundi – what next?

Today AFP reported that a confidential United Nations memo sent to the Security Council last week was leaked. The document stated that peacekeeping forces in Burundi are not prepared to prevent potential disaster in the country.

The memo was sent by Herve Ladsous, the UN peacekeeping chief and recommended that council members should travel to the capital of the country for urgently needed talks due to the current crisis, AFP wrote.

The document atained by AFP stated that “a truly worst-case scenario will result in a scale of violence beyond the United Nations’ capacity to protect.”

Burundi still continues to be on the precipice of what could be a full blown war and peace talks do not look like they are headed in a positive direction as violence continues to ravage the country.

The African Union (AU) announced last month it’s plan to send 5,000 peacekeeping troops to the country, however, this has done little to curb the violence. Tanzania was the first East African country to openly support the proposal.

On Friday the AU released a statement asserting that “the chairperson of the commission and the Tanzanian minister of foreign affairs — bearing in mind the importance of ending acts of violence and human rights violations — urged the government of Burundi to fully cooperate with the AU towards the early deployment of Maprobu.”

However, Burundi has opposed the decision stating that the administration is qualified to end the violence. Pierre Nkurunziza also threatened to fight AU peacekeepers if they are deployed to the country.

It is estimated that since conflict erupted in the country after Nkurunziza announced he would run for a third term in April last year, that over 400 people have been killed.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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