EU announces budget reduction for African Union Mission in Somalia

By Editorial Board - 26 February 2016 at 11:54 pm
EU announces budget reduction for African Union Mission in Somalia

The European Union announced they will reduce their budget for the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) due to financial limitations.

According to EurActiv, the EU stated that it would cut funding for the mission in Somalia by 20 percent, a decision which has been criticized by the African Union.

Somalia is currently grappling with the domestic terror threat of Al Shabaab. At the moment, 22,000 AU troops have been deployed to the country in order to combat the threat.

The United Nations and the EU are the two largest donors to the mission.

EU ambassador to the AU Gary Quince, told the Nation “We encourage the AU to identify other sources of funding to fill the gap. These are other international partners and AU member states.” Quince also stated that the budget cut should not affect the operations in the country.

The Nation reported that an EU diplomat speaking on the matter stated, “It (reduction in funding) is caused by the financial constraints on the EU African Peace Facility which funds Amisom and reflects the huge demands placed upon it to support African peace and security efforts,”

“For example, since 2007 to the end 2015, EU provided €1.1 billion (Sh123.2 billion) to Amisom and this has depleted funding.”

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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