Harnessing the EdTech revolution in Africa

EdTech Summit Africa, now in its fifth year, has been gathering teachers in Ghana, Swaziland and South Africa for connected workshops on how to integrate more EdTech into the experience of African students in the classroom and beyond. The 2017 Ed Tech Summit Africa begins in late July, and embodies…

Jens Ischebeck

Jens Ischebeck is a digital specialist based in Germany

The hope and power of population in Africa’s future

Eugene Linden, a prominent American author typically future-focused on science and climate trends, recently raised a few eyebrows with a take on global overpopulation that held the small African nation of Lesotho up as case study – or harbinger of doom, depending on perspective. Linden, in a June 15 opinion…

Laureen Fagan

Laureen is the editor of Africa Times

In Uganda, Guterres calls on South Sudan’s leaders to end war

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres completes his “Solidarity Summit” visit to Uganda on Friday, in an effort to raise the visibility of refugees and increase support for them and their host communities. Hosted by Guterres and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, the summit of delegates, donors and heads of state hopes to…

Climate goals: Time to end the East v. West narrative over Africa

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s announcement Thursday that the United States was pulling out of the Paris climate accord, there was no shortage of responses from the international community or, for that matter, from American business leaders and local and state governments. The rest of the world expressed…

Laureen Fagan

Laureen is the editor of Africa Times