What did the COP22 achieve for Africa?

Nicknamed “the Implementation” COP, the Marrakech gathering of world leaders barely registered on the media radar. It had the misfortune of starting just a few days before notorious climate change denier Donald Trump delivered probably the biggest upset in the history of American politics by winning, against all odds and…

Monica Gitau

Monica is a freelance journalist based in Kenya

Nigeria’s Barkindo appeals for OPEC output cooperation

African economies dependent on oil revenues continue to struggle with high supply levels and low prices, as representatives of OPEC nations meeting in Algeria Tuesday said it will be November before any decision to limit output and stabilize markets could have an impact on their ailing budgets. Nigerian Mohammad Barkindo,…

Africa-EU cooperation vital for energy transformation in Africa

Abel Rugaju runs RAN power, a social enterprise in Uganda that is dedicated to extending power to offgrid rural communities by building small hydro-power plants. Lois Gicheru is the founder of Solarfrique, a start-up that is dedicated to installing solar panels in Kenya’s rural areas “We are targeting rural offgrid…

Diana Taremwa Karakire

Diana Taremwa Karakire is a freelance journalist based in Uganda.

Where to beyond Power Africa?

  The passage of the Power Africa bill through the US Congress this week will mean the creation of a new beginning for energy on the continent. The US Senate passed the act in mid-December, with a vote expected this week in the House of Representatives. The legislation, officially called…

Low oil price: the threats and opportunities for Africa producers

From 2010 until mid-2014, world oil prices were fairly stable at around $110 per barrel. But over supply from oil producers coupled with weak demand from the Chinese and European economies drowned the world with cheap oil pushing the price further south to its lowest price ($30) since 2003 in…

Erukilede Julius

Erukilede Julius is a legal practitioner, entrepreneur and energy professional.

Was Davos a success for Africa?

On Thursday the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) released a statement on the launch of the New Deal on Energy at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The aim of the deal is to attain universal access to energy in Africa by 2025, in order to achieve this goal,…

A businessman’s solution to Uganda’s currency woes

Uganda entrepreneur Andrew Rugasira on January 10th launched Good African Chocolate to complement his existing line of Good African Coffees. Rugasira is hoping to leverage his decade long experience in getting his coffee onto western retail shelves to do the same for his chocolates. He is under no illusion that…

Paul Busharizi

Paul Busharizi is currently a contributing editor (Business & Politics) at the Uganda's leading daily the New Vision.

Thanks to green growth, Gabon is at the forefront of a sustainable Africa

  In 2011, Yale University ranked Gabon first among African countries for the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). This was no accident. In the last 5 years, Gabon has undertaken a deep transformation of its economy in order to follow a more sustainable model of economic development. Thanks to its efforts…

Maixent Accrombessi

Former senior executive in the financial services and import-export divisions of several French private companies, Maixent Accrombessi has risen within the Gabonese state apparatus since 1997.

Morocco’s solar power gamble

Beaming in the desert, 10 kilometers away from the mountainous city of Ouarzazate, lies Noor, the world’s biggest solar power station. Spread across an area of some 30 square kilometers, the first-of-its kind complex is expected to generate 580MW and power more than 1 million homes when fully completed in…

Monica Gitau

Monica is a freelance journalist based in Kenya