Africa: imports vs domestic production?

Africa: imports vs domestic production?

For a continent far behind its peers in all strata of economic and social development but with one of the biggest natural and agricultural resources, economy diversification remains a vital step towards a manufacturing continent. But the socio-economic woes, dilapidated infrastructure and epileptic power supply facing the continent have largely…

Erukilede Julius

Erukilede Julius is a legal practitioner, entrepreneur and energy professional.

Uganda’s tourism gets a shot in the arm

Uganda’s tourism gets a shot in the arm

Former Dutch and Barcelona FC striker Patrick Kluivert’s spectacular goal in a weekend exhibition match in Uganda’s capital, Kampala over the weekend, may be the shot that launches a thousand ships towards Uganda’s shores, tourism promoters’ hope. The goal, whose video has been viewed by more than 85,000 people after…

Paul Busharizi is currently a contributing editor (Business & Politics) at the Uganda's leading daily the New Vision.

Shilling depreciation slows Uganda economic growth

The Ugandan shilling’s dramatic slide in the last year is putting the economy’s growth prospects under pressure and may force a rethink among planners of how the economy is structured. At the end of September the central bank quoted a mid-rate of Ushs 3,695.25 to the dollar compared to Ushs…

Paul Busharizi

Paul Busharizi is currently a contributing editor (Business & Politics) at the Uganda's leading daily the New Vision.

Kenyan teachers return to class

Kenyan teachers and students have returned to class after the teachers’ five-week strike was suspended. The teachers’ unions at the beginning of the school year called the strike when the government said that it was unable to pay the court-ordered salary increase. The strike was led by the Kenya National…

Investment in Zimbabwe: what next?

ZIMBABWE’S veteran ruler, President Robert Mugabe is turning to Nigerian billionaire and Africa’s richest man,  Mr Aliko Dangote for elusive foreign direct investment, portraying him as the saviour for his country’s unforgiving economic woes. The wealthy Mr Dangote was in the Southern African country late August to scout for opportunities…

Bhejane Nqobile Bhebhe

Bhejane Nqobile Bhebhe is a Zimbabwe journalist based in the capital, Harare.

Rwanda and UK sign agreement to support education

The United Kingdom and Rwanda signed a financing agreement yesterday worth £30.5m aimed at supporting basic education programmes. The grant will last for four-years and will be directed the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and is predicted to improve the Ministry of Education’s Learning-For-All programme, reported The New Times….

Gabon: the most attractive market in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gabon has been deemed the most attractive market in Sub-Saharan Africa in The 2015 African Retail Development Index. The study evaluated 48 countries in the region. This year’s index was published on Tuesday and focused on the economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa hailing the region’s progress. “Sub-Saharan Africa is still…

Robert Mugabe is again driving Zimbabwe over the cliff: Why Washington and the IMF shouldn’t go with them

Robert Mugabe wants your money again. After years of failing to repay Zimbabwe’s staggering debts, repeatedly blaming the United States for its problems, and shamelessly courting China, the nonagenarian president is now seeking a rapprochement. To be clear, this is the wrong time for Washington to embrace an aging dictator…

Todd Moss and Jeffrey Smith

Todd Moss is senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and a former deputy assistant secretary of state for Africa. Jeffrey Smith is an Africa specialist at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights. Follow them on Twitter at @toddjmoss and @Smith_RFKennedy.

Kenya: slaying the dragon of corruption

Corruption in Kenya has become “socially acceptable” and analysts warn that the systemic graft is undermining peace, security and the democracy of the East Africa’s much touted economy giant. Analysts observe that corruption is much deeper and much more than a lack of political leadership. The anti-corruption institutions are in…

Robert Wanjala

Robert Wanjala is a passionate investigative journalist with over five years experience.

China planning highway in Liberia

China is planning to build a highway for Liberia as part of their Ebola recovery aid. Liberia’s foreign minister speaking at a news conference on Sunday with China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, who is currently visiting Liberia, stated that China is planning to build a coastal highway in Liberia. The…

Reforming the African Union

The African Union (AU) is plagued by allegations of its ineffectiveness. From its inability to act against the Ebola crisis to the migrant problem in the Mediterranean Sea, AU has been constantly criticized. One can say that the union’s hands are tied. Given its unsustainable and problematic funding, AU is…

Mugabe threatens to expel U.S. and British diplomats

Yesterday, Robert Mugabe, the serving President of Zimbabwe since 1987, threatened to expel U.S. and British diplomats from the country. Mugabe has accused the representatives of these two Western states of sponsoring vendors to resist their relocation from Harare city centre. The relocation is due to his plans to open…