Gabon, Equatorial Guinea agree to end territorial dispute over islands

At COP22, the optimism of a sustainable future collided with a trepidation of shifting political dynamics that cast a shadow on Marrakech. Yet there was another positive development that captured less dramatic headlines: Gabon and Equatorial Guinea ended their 30-year dispute over oil-rich territories that both countries claim. The Gabon-Guinea…

Françafrique’s Poisonous Legacy

France and Africa have a long and intertwined history. As a former colonial ruler, France still possesses considerable influence and power in its former colonies to this very day, but the connections between Paris and its former colonial brethren are deeper than commonly assumed. The entanglement – a concept referred…

Arnaud Gallet

Arnaud is a French freelance writer with an African heart who has lived in 10 different Sub-Saharan countries in the past decade. He is currently based in Paris.

Will Egypt push through Africa’s first free trade agreement?

It’s not often that two former generals-turned-presidents meet on the sidelines of an international conference. Yet this is exactly what happened when former major general and incumbent Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari met in Cairo with former field marshal and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The two gathered in Sharm el…

Sam Maloof

Sam is a major in international relations, currently based in Cairo