Angola sees influx of Congolese fleeing Kasai violence

Angola sees influx of Congolese fleeing Kasai violence

More than 4,000 Congolese have crossed the border into Angola since Wednesday, seeking refuge from the fighting between Kamuina Nsapu rebels and government forces in the southern Kasai region of Democratic Republic of Congo. That’s according to figures provided on Saturday by the DR Congo consulate in Moshico, cited by…

UN presses Angola to release human rights activist

The United Nations has called for the release of the Angolan human rights activist José Marcos Mavung who has been detained by the government. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary detention (UNWGAD) has condemned the detention and conviction of Mavung saying it is arbitrary and violates international law. Mavung…

On the path to the African Century

A wide array of literature asserts the growing dominance of Africa in the coming decades. With the continent analogous to images of poverty, conflict and disease, the tides might be changing to a more economically developed Africa. However, the situation may also portend a case of overestimation of its potential….