UN Security Council discusses funding for G5 Sahel force

UN Security Council discusses funding for G5 Sahel force

The Group of Five Sahel (G5 Sahel) Joint Force is expected to bolster existing efforts to combat terrorism in the region but requires international funding to succeed, said the United Nations head of peacekeeping operations during a UN Security Council briefing on Tuesday. Assistant-Secretary-General El-Ghassim Wane told the council that…

Burkina Faso: 18 dead in Ouagadougou attack

At least 18 people are dead and others wounded in an attack in the Burkina Faso capital of Ouagadougou, according to multiple media reports early Monday. Government officials told AFP that the victims of the center city attack represent a range of nationalities, but they have yet to be identified….

Burkina Faso: at least 29 dead in attack

29 people have been killed including 14 foreigners during an attack on a hotel in Burkina Faso. Security forces are looking for any gunmen who could have survived the attack. Simon Compaore, Burkina Faso’s Interior Minister, has stated that security officials are carrying out careful investigations. ABC News Australia reported…