Anonymous hacks Nigeria

Anonymous hacks Nigeria

On Friday, the renown hacktivist group, Anonymous, hacked numerous Nigerian government websites. They called on the government to purge the country of corruption and to rid the nation of poverty. The movement has been dubbed “Operation Nigeria” and was announced on Twitter along with various other Anonymous controlled websites. “Let…

Ugandans should wake up, smell the coffee and get rid of Museveni

Elections, the vehicle that citizens are supposed to use to choose their leaders and effect the change they want, mean very little when the person you are trying to oust has spent decades entrenching himself as deeply as possible into power. This is a fact Uganda’s leading opposition leader, Dr….

Patience is a Kampala-based features writer who specialises in human rights and social justice issues.

Kenya: slaying the dragon of corruption

Corruption in Kenya has become “socially acceptable” and analysts warn that the systemic graft is undermining peace, security and the democracy of the East Africa’s much touted economy giant. Analysts observe that corruption is much deeper and much more than a lack of political leadership. The anti-corruption institutions are in…

Robert Wanjala

Robert Wanjala is a passionate investigative journalist with over five years experience.

Buhari appoints anti-corruption committee

President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has appointed a committee of seven to advise him on how to best tackle corruption in the country as well as reform the legal system. The Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption has mostly been made up of academics. Femi Adesina, the presidential spokesman, said “the…