Is Tanzania’s electoral behavior taking a turn for the worse?

Armed Tanzanian police stand guard outside a vote counting center at Maji Matitu Primary School in Mbagala, in the Temeke district of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015. Tanzanians voted on Sunday in a presidential race that is the most tightly contested since the country became independent in 1961, with the ruling party being challenged by a former member who was recently the country's prime minister. (AP Photo/Khalfan Said)

Dogged by suspicions of planned rigging way before the poll date, fears of poll violence and an electorate seen as intolerant in its first really competitive elections, Tanzania seems to have taken a new turn. NAIROBI, Kenya— Tanzania’s 2015 general election has been described as different from other elections held…

Antony Langat

Anthony Langat is a freelance journalist based in Kenya and specializes in reporting on human rights issues, governance, security and climate change.