Tanzanian Parliamentarians key in fight to end attacks on persons with albinism

In May 2015, Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Minister, Pereira Silima, issued an unambiguous warning to the members of her country’s National Assembly. “I want to assure my fellow politicians that there won’t be any parliamentary seat that will be won as a result of using albino body parts,”…

Honourable Raynell Andreychuk

The Honourable Raynell Andreychuk is Senator from Canada, the former chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights, and former High Commissioner to Kenya, Uganda, and Ambassador to Somalia, and the Comoros.

Elections in Tanzania spelling danger for albinos in Kenya

Elections in Tanzania spelling danger for albinos in Kenya

Kenyan people living with albinism are living in constant fear of being attacked for their body parts due to elevated threat levels since the Tanzanian elections campaign begun. NAIROBI, Kenya— Since the campaigns for the forthcoming elections in Tanzania kicked off, albinos not only in Tanzania but also in Kenya…

Anthony Langat is a freelance journalist based in Kenya and specializes in reporting on human rights issues, governance, security and climate change.

Child labourers used in gold mines in Tanzania

Over 12,000 children have been rescued from gold mines in Northern Tanzania in the past three years, reported children’s rights groups. It is feared that thousands of more children are being forced to work in dangerous conditions for next to nothing.   Even though it is against the law to…