Women advancing Africa – are the SDGs achievable?

Women’s rights have not only been a hot topic around the world but they are increasingly discussed in numerous forums around Africa. From education to technology Africa is looking at how women can contribute to their communities and create change. The “Pink Potential Initiative” focuses on the impact women in…

Bride Price: the changing face of culture in Africa

Marriage in Africa is an intricate affair. Ceremonies are often a medley of sophisticated cultures imported from the west, African customs too precious to let go of and the inescapable vanity of capitalism. For centuries, the only constant in these ceremonies has been the exchange of bride price. From South…

Patience Akumu

Patience is a Kampala-based features writer who specialises in human rights and social justice issues.

Why applying a gender lens is key to addressing Africa’s challenges

A report on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in early 2015 caught my attention. Being sensitive to gender issues, I was amazed that I had missed the gender dimension of this public health crisis. An alert from a global group that co-ordinates humanitarian action put the crisis in context:…

Shirley Malcom

Head of Education and Human Resources Programs at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).