Uber crackdown in Cape Town

By Editorial Board - 3 July 2015 at 10:30 am

Cape Town authorities have been accused by Uber drivers on cracking down on the service. In the last six months 200 Uber vehicles have been impounded by the city and officials have claimed that many Uber drivers are operating illegally due to the fact that they do not have the correct permits to allow them to act as a taxi service.

 JP Smith of the City of Cape Town is quoted by eNCA as saying that “we resumed to doing higher enforcement levels in the city centre and found that there were large numbers of taxis that did not comply with the National Land Transportation act.” Uber drivers drivers feel that these enforcement levels are not targeting all taxi drivers but have specifically been put in place to prevent Uber from operating. They say that they have complied with all the necessary permits, security checks and insurance but recently the city has introduced a new public transport permit which they are trying to obtain as per the law but there had been a sever backlog at the trafficking departments.  

Alon Lets of Uber told eNCA that Uber’s come in, it’s shaken things up in the industry. It’s causing existing operators to up their game and deliver a higher level of service to customers. So as soon as you talk about disrupting and changing an industry, you’re bound to see some form of push back.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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