Namibian authorities investigate suspected links to al-Qaeda and al-Shabab

By AT editor - 14 August 2015 at 6:00 pm

The Namibian reported today that authorities in Namibia are working quickly to verify if terrorist cells linked to al-Qaeda and its offshoot, al-Shabab, are using the country as a foundation for their terrorist activities.

The Namibian discovered that authorities in the country have been monitoring suspected terrorist activities and have unearthed that numerous terrorist cells may be operating in Windhoek and Rehoboth.

Sources of the newspaper stated that Namibian intelligence, police and the prosecutor general’s office are working together in order to investigate potential terrorist agents who may be operating in the country. However, prosecutor general Martha Imalwa denied that her office was involved in such inquiries.

Reportedly, migrants from Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are key suspects in the on-going investigations. Authorities seem to believe that they use and have been using Namibia because they are not easily detected within the country.

Sources told The Namibian that it seems the suspected terrorists use Air Namibia’s direct flights to Frankfurt, Germany, and then move to Turkey from there and vanish.

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