Drone airport in Rwanda

By Editorial Board - 9 October 2015 at 8:13 pm

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The Rwandan government has decided to create a regulatory framework for drone due to investor interest in creating the world’s first drone airport in the country at the beginning of next year, reported The New Times.

Over the past couple of years the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems, or ‘drones’ has been on the rise. The have become increasingly popular in all fields, from science to being used by paparazzi and moviemakers.

In the case of Rwanda, the drone airport or simply drone port is aimed at helping transport urgent medical supplies as well as electronic parts to remote areas of the country. It was Norman Foster, the well-known British architect and his firm, Foster + Partners, as well as other business partners who expressed interest in the creation of such a port, reported The News Times.

RCAA public relations officer, Tonny Barigye, in an interview with The New Times said the purpose of the project is to make sure that regulations help ensure safe and secure use of the technology.

As soon as the regulations are in force, Rwanda will be able to regulate any projects related to remotely piloted aircraft systems including and not limited to drone operations and all infrastructure required,” Barigye told The New Times.

Regulation of the technology has been one of the major concerns around the world. Whether it’s implementing the procedures to ensure safety and security or if it’s those exact rules that get in the way of new ways to use the technology. No matter the potential roadblocks, the project in Rwanda is the first of its kind and seems to be an exciting opportunity for the use of drones in the field of healthcare.

Editorial Board

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