Tanzanian miners rescued

By AT editor - 19 November 2015 at 12:00 am

Tanzania has been highlighted in the media for a myriad of issues lately, in recent days the story of five miners who were trapped underground for 41 days.

The miners were found alive this Sunday in the Kahama District of Tanzania. They were immediately rushed to hospital where their conditions were pronounced as critical but stable, reported The Citizen.

The five miners who were rescued are Mr. Amos Mhangwa, Mr. Chacha Wambura, Mr Joseph Bulule, Mr Onyiwa Morris and Mr Msafiri Jeradi. Unfortunately, Mussa Supana, the sixth miner, passed away.

However, whilst six were trapped there were approximately 20 miners in the pit which was 120 meters in depth at the time that the accident took place. At the time 14 were able to escape whilst six were trapped and the others perished.

Wambura, one of the trapped miners spoke of their experience, “after spending seven days underground, we began to lose hope of making it out alive. We tried, without success, to tunnel our way out. Weak and tired, we waited for the inevitable” reported The Citizen.

However, the after finding rays of sun shining through they regained hope, along with discovering a water supply and eating whatever they could they were able to survive, Wambura reported.

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