Potential drone attacks in Somalia killing al-Shabaab militia

By Editorial Board - 22 November 2015 at 10:55 pm

Last night during a suspected drone attack the al-Qaeda affiliate group, al-Shabaab were attacked in southern Somalia reported Reuters and Diplomat.SO.

The attacked which targeted a base belonging to the Islamist extremist group is believed to have killed at least eight people, stated Voice of America (VOA).

VOA reported that sources had told the news agency that the targeted attack killed around three junior commanders of the group.

Currently there is no news regarding who carried out the attack, however, the United States had used drone assaults in the past to take out al-Shabaab militia.

A resident near to the attacks told Reuters “we heard three big crashes at an al Shabaab base in Beled-Amin last night. It looked like a drone but we have no news of casualties.”

In the past few months al-Shabaab have intensified their attacks in Somalia. With terror alerts high around the world after the attacks in Paris many countries are taking extra precautions to protect themselves.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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