How is a Chinese herbal therapy helping to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa

By George Okore - 1 December 2015 at 4:21 pm
How is a Chinese herbal therapy helping to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa

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The world celebrates World AIDS Day today amidst great strides in finding cures to Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and related complications.

In Africa a popular herbal concoction developed by a Chinese researcher has been hailed as a proper and real solution to HIV/AIDS. The wonder drug forms part of global efforts to find the elusive anti-retroviral therapy, and ensuring access to lifesaving medicine to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

Tian Immunity Booster (TIB), invented by Professor Tian Shengxun, is already delivering new approaches to effective and new HIV medicines, thus  supporting  those  affected by HIV/AIDS . TIB Herbal Drug is the first oral drug in the world so far for one of the global health disasters of the century.  The therapy has been clinically used for HIV/AIDS for over 20 years mainly in Africa. Widely used in Africa and Asia, it is expected to be available in European markets in the future.

According to Prof. TIAN Shengxun, as alternative HIV/AIDS therapy, patients using TIB can survive for more than 12 years.   Studies conducted on TIB by Dr. Josef Schneider at Freiburg University (Germany) and similar study by Dr Peter Nara of Biological Mimetics Inc in Maryland State (USA) reveal the drug can reverse HIV/AIDS symptoms.

TIB is manufactured through modern technology as proper compounds extracted from more than 30 different pure Chinese herbs. The TIB therapy has multiple and powerful antibiotic functions. For sure TIB therapy has multiple functions and can handle most of Opportunistic Infections (OPIs) linked to lower immunity or HIV/AIDS.

TIB products have been clinically used in Africa for more than 20 years and its clinical efficacy is very promising. Most patients respond very fast and recover soon after TIB therapy. Combined with conventional standard Anti-TB drugs, majority of TB patients (sputum test) are turned to negative within 3 month treatment.

There are 4 different sugar coated TIB tablets, with active ingredients are extracted from 100% pure Chinese herbs.  Unlike conventional ARVs, TIB Products are fusion inhibitor killing HIV virus in the beginning of infection. TIB blocks fusion taking place between HIV and CD4 cell, therefore stopping HIV from infecting CD4 cell. HIV will rapture (die) within 72 hours if HIV cannot access CD4 cells. Therefore TIB products offer true solution to HIV/AIDS and patients can get functional cure.

Like many African countries, Kenya has scaled up its war against HIV/Aids by setting aside $26 million in its 2015/16 budget for purchase of anti-retroviral drugs.  President Uhuru Kenyatta aims to making Kenya the third country in Africa to control HIV epidemic after Botswana and Namibia.

Long-term options, including providing HIV treatment as part of national health insurance, setting up HIV and health funds that will leverage government financing and fostering strategic private public partnerships are urgently required.  This call for investments and actions could well result in averting 28 million new infections and 21 million Aids related deaths by 2030.


The science behind TIB

Unlike many other herbal medicinal products and preparations, TIB has undergone extensive research, clinical trials and confirmatory studies in China, the USA, Britain, Germany and Japan. TIB which has been recognized as the world’s first HIV oral entry blocker (fusion inhibitor), has filed for patents in European Patents Office.

All the tests seem to confirm TIB as a herbal anti-viral drug, with the function to stop HIV viral multiplication, such as through blocking fusion taking place between HIV/AIDS virus and immune T-cell (the CD4 cell). Scientifically, the best strategy against HIV is to prevent or stop infecting a healthy immune cell in the very early stage (at the very beginning of viral infection).

TIB is an effective and non-toxic immune booster, critical to building and restoring immune function of patients who have been living with HIV/AIDS for a long time without medication and even those on other treatments with little progress to better health. Particularly TIB is doing very well with ART failure patients. TIB can take over from Conventional ARVs or put both together. The studies show that patients on TIB recorded increasing levels of CD4 cell counts, particularly CD8 cell count, which is the most important marker of immune function and immunity levels. Of course, TIB also control and reduce the Viral Load.

The studies quote instances where patients stay on conventional ARV drugs for long time without recording any significant increases in CD4, CD8 cell counts, thus showing that despite the evident suppression in viral replication, the mere use of ARV drugs does not necessarily improve health and immune function due to toxicity and side-effects of Chemotherapy. Only TIB does this wonderful job through stopping HIV viral replication as the fusion inhibitor, boosting immunity and protecting the bone marrow at the same time. That is why TIB is titled as the guided missile for HIV/Aids virus, “explains the Professor.

“All of our patients who were on TB treatment recorded faster recovery from the time they started taking TIB medicine. It is a fact that TB is one of the leading causes of mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS. A remedy that hastens progress in recovery from this leading cause of mortality is a welcome product,” says WOFAK Chairperson Dorothy Onyango.

Professor Shengxun has been treating HIV Aids in sub-Saharan Africa, the epicenter of the epidemic for the last 25 years. The natural antiretroviral therapy has been developed and used to treat several patent with remarkable outcomes. “TIB products have been applied in TB clinic Kenyatta National Hospital and the clinical results are so good and very promising. The patients recorded improved health conditions while coughing, fever and chest pain disappeared,” he says.

“TIB has been registered by Pharmacy and Poisons Board under Kenyan Ministry of Health. It has also been granted international patent certificates from China, Africa and European Union. ” he said.

“We are pleased to be part of this innovative partnership to accelerate access to medicines for treating HIV,” says Network of People Living with Aids in Kenya (NEPHAK) chairman Nelson Otwoma adding that TIB will contribute to achieve goals of wider access to HIV treatment, care, and support for low- and middle-income countries.

TIB enhances human beings immunity without any toxicity and side effects. Clinically, TIB can increase CD4 and CD8 cell amount and stimulate bone marrow to produce more blood. Therefore, most people get normal full blood count results after using TIB.

TIB comes to provide relief to the many persons living with HIV/AIDS who wish to attain quality healthcare despite the infection, by stopping HIV replication, improving their immune function, hastening recovery from TB-HIV co-infection and keeping other opportunistic diseases at bay. It is a fact that no any other single drug is known to achieve this fate against HIV/AIDS.

Practically speaking, this Anti–HIV/ AIDS treatment drug-TIB has undergone all of the necessary and needed procedures, finally registered by Pharmacy and poisons Board of Ministry of Health Kenya as the legal products in the market.

The drug comes at a time when many African countries are adopting policies for incubation of local industries for commodities and pharmaceutical products. Kenya has developed a framework focused on health commodity security would facilitate local manufacturing capacity and promote technology transfer for production of high quality medicines that would be accessible and affordable to those who require them.

George Okore

George Okore

George Okore is an international journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

George is a member of Key Correspondents, a citizen journalism network reporting for action on HIV. He is constantly driven by hot passion for success and wholesome commitment to Agriculture, Health, Peace, Environment and Sustainable Development. A Thomson Reuters Alumnus, he is a freelance journalist for several international publications.

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    George, that’s a good article. I have also written two articles on TIB in the Times of Zambia which can be accessed on the website I have indicated. I also happen to be a Thomson Reuters alumnus.

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