Kenya: five-day campaign aimed at eradicating polio

By Editorial Board - 11 December 2015 at 12:50 am
Kenya: five-day campaign aimed at eradicating polio

95 percent of children under the ages of five in Nairobi were vaccinated against polio The Star reported yesterday. The vaccinations were part of an exercise that ended today.

The five-day campaign was aimed at the eradication of polio. “We want to fully eradicate polio. This is in line with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative Endgame Strategic Plan,” Samual King’ori county Health officer said.

Whilst the vast majority of people took part in the programme, members of a religious sect in four villages chose to hide their children in order to evade the vaccination. Health workers were obliged to get help from the police to take action in the villages; Kabuabua, Gaciongo, Mariango and Gatithini.

Whilst 95 percent of children were reached unfortunately two villages, Kioru and Riamikua due to road difficulties reported the Daily Nation.

“We targeted to vaccinate around 2000 children aged below five-years but due to various challenges including inaccessibility of some areas, we managed 95 per cent,” said Njagi Murata who led those working to vaccinate.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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