Anonymous hacks Nigeria

By AT editor - 12 January 2016 at 7:08 pm
Anonymous hacks Nigeria

On Friday, the renown hacktivist group, Anonymous, hacked numerous Nigerian government websites. They called on the government to purge the country of corruption and to rid the nation of poverty.

The movement has been dubbed “Operation Nigeria” and was announced on Twitter along with various other Anonymous controlled websites.

“Let them see that we have Anonymous Nigeria,” they wrote, “… Let them know we are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, they should have expected us.”

The group have referenced allegations of stolen oil money as well as disappeared public funds, reported This Day. They targeted several websites controlled by the Nigerian government, including the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Administration, the Ministry of Justice, Nigeria’s National Institute for Legislative Studies, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria’s Customs Administration.

Telesurtv reported that Anonymous announced they would “leak their (the government’s) data” should they refuse to address these issues.

Reportedly, this is not the first time the group has hacked the Nigerian government. In 2013 a hacker who claimed to be part of Anonymous closed the government’s website protesting the new law proposed that would imprison lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender up to 14 years.

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    all of u

    Are we all thinking straight or being diverted from concentration due to the pandemic status of so called coronavirus alias covid19. The figure given to us might be true to human but dont we thinhk this virus that is killing and affecting human is easier to killed animals as well. now if nearly million of people are infected how many animals are then affected by this virus.

    Seriously this is another disastering aspect that we need to check from the angle of this animals. The animals are not visiting the so call isolation centers neither are they infected nor any form of concentration on them as a carrier or infected victim. Wey thing no kill animals come dey kill human beign….. hmmm, GOD DEY OOOOO.

    You still dont get the point from that angle that people on list as at the time Nigeria top Minister, Senator, Government and top people in Nigeria who were in contact with President Muhammadu Buhari‘s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari are not updated to the list as at the time Nigeria discovered 30covid victim on 2020-03-22 and by 2020-03-23​​​ 40covid victim where recorded which is (+10).
    My update record is found in; how many of the listed below are in the isolation centers? rather they are home isolated using the right vaccine or possibly faking their covid test to be positive while they are not….

    1. The Vice President
    2. All Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
    3. Secretary to the Government of the Federation
    4. Head of Civil Service of the Federation
    5. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole
    6. At least the 16 APC Governors who attended the APC leadership peace meeting on 16th March
    7. Governor Yahaya Bello and all who were with him in his country home when Mallam Abba Kyari led a Government delegation to pay him condolence visit in Kogi on the 17th March and all who have met him since that time.
    8. Deputy Governor Edward Onoja who was with the Governor when the entourage visited and all who have now had contact with him
    9. Senator George Akume, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Mallam Shehu Garba and Hajia Ramattu Tijjani who were all on that entourage to Kogi.
    10. All the family members, staff, aides, of the members of that entourage who must have spent a very long time with him on the journey to Kogi and back
    11. Bayelsa State Governor who also visited the President on 17th March
    12. Speaker of the House of Representatives who also met with the President on the 16th of March
    13. All who attended the Commissioning of the Emergency Number 112 by the President on 19th March
    14. All Staff of the Villa who have cause to get close to the Chief of Staff
    15. Heads of Security agencies who have had cause to be around him.
    16. Service Chiefs who have visited him for security briefing
    17. Heads of Departments, Agencies and Parastatals who have had cause to visit the Villa within the period
    18. Diplomats and Foreign dignitaries who have visited the villa within the period
    19. All security personnel around the Villa particularly those close to the President and Chief of Staff.
    20. Family, Personal and domestic staff of Mallam Kyari including his driver and orderly.
    21. Any other friend, associate, colleague of his who may have met him within the time.
    22. Every member of the Presidency Cabal who may have met him for strategy within the time
    23. Guinea Bissau President and all his entourage.
    24. Any other Nigerian who must have visited him within the time

    UK prime misister upload and update his people with video but here in nigeria we are faking ourselves…
    Is it not that they are injecting those that visit the testing center with the virus? for six people to have escape from osunstate center either for their life or other wise…. the truth about the escape is not made clear to Nigerians.
    Northern states Kaduna and Bauchi have total of 10 as of 04-04-2020, hmmmm i rest my comment that Lagos which is not as largest in population compare to Kaduna during the last 2015 election is now having more of covid victims than Kaduna which is even close to FCT, maybe am not right you can confirm the figure from here:

    I wish to stop but i need to say this clear that once you visit the hospital or so call isolation center and tested positive as an ordinary civilian, am so sorry for you, you have been hacked. please stay alive by doing all this medical instructional aide at home. Lagos shine your face, Yoruba aba you are sleeping too deep.

    Nigerians see you and me are on the market trade of this our so called government or top people who are buying shares already with their different donation which has not been used or invested, that have all this kind of money and they cant pump it into EDUCATION, SECURITY, AGRICULTURE, POWER, JOB OPPORTUNITY and MANY MORE all this while before corona of a thing now they are buying shares if you dont know, when the truth matter of all come to backfire they shall dearly pay for it…

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