Leonardo DiCaprio’s donates $1 million to the Seychelles

By AT editor - 4 February 2016 at 10:27 pm
Leonardo DiCaprio’s donates $1 million to the Seychelles

AP Photo/Michel Euler

Leonardo DiCaprio, famous for films from Titanic to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and more recently The Revenant has now become known for his passion for the planet.

Last month he received the Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum for his work combatting climate change. During his acceptance speech in Davos he spoke passionately about the necessity to nurture the world’s ecosystems. “These complex ecosystems can never be replaced; they are the foundation of our global economy, and more importantly, our interconnected climate — without them life as we know it will simply collapse.” He also pledged $15 million from his foundation to support sustainability projects around the world, which includes $1 million to the Seychelles. The donation will be going to the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation trust.

“The government is looking at sustainable fisheries. We will also be looking on how we will step up on conservation of certain areas. Biotechnology is another area that we need to look at,” Didier Dogley, Seychelles minister for environment told Seychelles News Agency.

DiCaprio’s foundation is donating the $1 million to help protect the ecosystem in the portion of the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Seychelles. The contribution is part of the $30 million debt swap proposed by the Nature Conservancy for the promise that the Seychelles will protect marine life and promote conservation.

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