Report on climate resilience urges help for sub-Saharan Africa

By AT editor - 5 January 2018 at 6:16 am
Report on climate resilience urges help for sub-Saharan Africa

There’s troubling news for sub-Saharan Africa on climate change, as a new report from a British green-tech company looks at preparedness and resilience levels in nations across the world. It again highlights the urgent need for global commitments to assist the developing world on climate.

Each year, the London-based Eco Experts exchange creates a new map to show the most and least at-risk nations. The map is drawn from International Energy Agency data for carbon emissions, as well as the country data from ND-GAIN, the Global Adaptation Initiative at the University of Notre Dame in the United States.

The GAIN project evaluates a range of factors including government stability, health care and food supply, to determine both a nation’s climate vulnerabilities as well as its capacity for resilience.

Somalia ranked lowest, while Chad, Eritrea, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo also were listed as among the least prepared to survive climate shocks.

“These findings serve as a stark reminder of the need for wealthier, more established countries to support the world’s most vulnerable nations,” the Eco Experts team said. “This is particularly true given that many of the world’s richest economies contribute the most to climate change but are in fact the least likely to be affected by it, whilst impoverished countries who hold little responsibility for the phenomenon are left suffering the most.”

The authors said Eritrea serves as an example because it emits just 0.01 percent of total CO2 that the U.S. does each year – just 0.6 metric tons, compared with 4,997 tons of the greenhouse gas.

To view the complete article with maps, see this link.


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