Sudan negotiators reach 3-year transition deal

By AT editor - 15 May 2019 at 5:19 am
Sudan negotiators reach 3-year transition deal

Sudanese activists say they’ve struck a deal with military leaders that will achieve a civilian government across a three-year transition period, while military negotiators confirmed the agreement.

Yasser Al Atta, speaking for the Sudanese military early Wednesday, said a final version will be signed within 24 hours, according to the state news agency SUNA.

The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, representing a coalition of leaders behind Sudan’s uprising against former President Omar al-Bashir, issued a statement detailing provisions of the agreement.

The first six months will ensure an end to war and a lasting peace for Sudan. The deal includes a civilian cabinet made up of qualified professionals in their respective disciplines, and “characterized by professional experience and integrity.” The Sudanese activist leaders will hold power in choosing those ministers and leaders.

A transitional legislative body of 300 people will be established. Two-thirds of them will be chosen by Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, while the remaining 100 will come from other political parties to be determined in consultation with transition leaders.

A joint committee of the civilian leaders, working with the military, will ensure security for protesters, and a fact-finding commission will investigate fatalities in Khartoum that occurred earlier this week during clashes between security forces and the protesters.

Those protests will continue, said Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, which described them as a “safety valve for the revolution of our people” in “pursuit of a new dawn for Sudan, a future of freedom, democracy, peace and justice.”

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