Renewed violence in C.A.R. threatens humanitarian aid

By AT editor - 18 September 2019 at 1:46 am
Renewed violence in C.A.R. threatens humanitarian aid

There’s been renewed concern over violence in the Central African Republic of late, and now the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for the region says the situation is worse following recent attacks in the northeastern town of Birao.

Armed attacks at the weekend, which came two weeks after the fighting on September 1, claimed at least 38 lives and have forced more than 13,000 people from their homes. Homes have reportedly been burned and looting has occurred, said Denise Brown, the UNOCHA coordinator.

The volatility is making delivery of humanitarian aid difficult, but the UN agency and its partners say they’ve worked to provide food, medicine and other aid to the displaced.

“Distributions must continue to ensure that the needs of the displaced population are provided for in the midst of conflict,” Brown said. “Violence must stop in order to ensure the unimpeded delivery of aid.”

Brown also said the level of need is expected to soar, though the 2019 CAR Humanitarian Response plan is less than half funded, with only US$207.9 million received instead of the $430.7 million requested.

Ursula Mueller, the UN’s deputy relief coordinator for CAR, warned earlier this month that the security and humanitarian aid situations continue to deteriorate. Two-thirds of the population needs assistance, with 75 percent of the medical care in the country provided by humanitarian workers, she said.

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