Report on Sudan’s transition calls for international attention

By AT editor - 21 October 2019 at 6:14 pm
Report on Sudan’s transition calls for international attention

There’s cause for optimism that Sudan’s transition to civilian government and democratic principles will be successful in the long term, but a new report released Monday warns that many economic and security challenges remain.

That’s according to the Crisis Group, which appealed to the international community to keep its focus on Sudan as the northern African nation moves forward with the 37-month power-sharing deal negotiated in August.

That deal followed the April ouster of former President Omar al-Bashir and months of protests in Khartoum and beyond, some of them violent as security forces fired on protesters. Opposition leaders with the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change movement agreed to the deal with the understanding that it will bring an end to military rule, but the Crisis Group analysts warn that top military leaders may balk at implementing changes that reduce their power and influence.

“While critically important to guiding the country through a smooth transition, the deal reached over the summer goes only so far toward addressing some of the country’s most pressing needs,” the report said. “These include the urgent task of transforming a deeply dysfunctional economy and bringing an end to long-running rebellions in areas that Khartoum has historically neglected.”

Meanwhile, the analysts add, “segments of the army and security services appear to resent the more powerful paramilitaries, which could easily spark feuding among the generals themselves.”

Crisis Group calls on the African Union to appoint an envoy to assist in building trust between the two sides as they navigate Sudan’s transition, and urges the West to support it through diplomacy as well as an end to economic difficulties linked to Sudan’s state-sponsored terrorism designation.

The complete “Safeguarding Sudan’s Revolution” report is available here.

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