African designers invited to show off sustainable fashion

By AT editor - 14 December 2020 at 11:07 pm
African designers invited to show off sustainable fashion

There’s not a lot of fashion news covered here at AT, but there’s a good reason when the African Development Bank (AfDB) and its partners announce a Fashionomics Africa contest to advance the circular economy.

The inaugural online contest invites African fashion designers and brands to submit their “best sustainable design” to promote environmentally friendly choices and compete for prizes, including professional advancement opportunities. They’ll have to hurry though, because the deadline for submissions is December 31.

After that date, a panel of four judges will choose three finalists by January 22. The panel judges will represent the AfDB and project partners from the United Nations Environment Program, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Parsons School of Design.

Then it’s up to the public to select the winner through online voting at this link.

African entrepreneurs working in textile, apparel and accessories, and who have launched fashion businesses with no more than 50 employees are invited to apply. They’ll submit pictures of products designed in the last five years, describe their sustainable business models and explain how their startup is environmentally friendly and innovative.

“The first edition of the Fashionomics Africa competition is an excellent opportunity for the bank to showcase the immense talent and creativity of African fashion designers striving for a more circular fashion industry and economy, while remaining true to their heritage,” says Vanessa Moungar at AfDB.

UNEP says the textile and fashion industry accounts for nearly 10 percent of global carbon emissions, and ranks as the world’s second-largest industrial polluter after the oil sector. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation joins in promoting smart design that cuts waste and pollution, and keeps products and materials in use.

Image: Fashionomics Africa



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    I will be happy if you can include Elijah Mcquinn / Uganda-Fashion
    in your list.

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    Thanks for a great post, I am off to read some more here.

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