Defiant Zuma expected to address South Africa

By AT editor - 2 July 2021 at 3:52 pm
Defiant Zuma expected to address South Africa

The clock is ticking on former South African president Jacob Zuma, who was given five days to report to police after he was sentenced to 15 months in prison on Tuesday for contempt of court. But he’s filing an appeal of the Constitutional Court decision, and supporters say it’s unlikely he’ll turn himself in.

The Jacob Zuma Foundation announced Friday that the former president, long tangled up in some of South Africa’s most high profile corruption investigations, is expected to address the nation over the weekend.

Zuma resigned in February 2018 after investigations linked him to the wealthy Gupta families, their business dealings, and South African state entities including the country’s Eskom utility provider. A controversial 2016 State of Capture report implicated Zuma, who has denied allegations of corruption and refused to appear in court.

Zuma also questions the conclusions of an inquiry led by Deputy Chief Justice Judge Raymond Zondo – now acting chief justice, as of Thursday – and claims the sentencing order is unconstitutional.

A statement from the Jacob Zuma Foundation on Wednesday says the former president “has expressed his doubts about the lawfulness of the Zondo Commission, the biased manner in which it being conducted, and the fact that it has been transformed into a ‘slaughterhouse’ and a forum in which all kinds of unsubstantiated and defamatory allegations have been made against him.”

The foundation further said Zuma is well within his rights to challenge the sentencing decision.

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