Biden calls for AU membership in G20 and UN Security Council

By AT editor - 15 December 2022 at 9:55 pm
Biden calls for AU membership in G20 and UN Security Council

President Joe Biden of the United States affirmed the goals of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 on Thursday, calling for the AU’s permanent membership in the G20 while reiterating his support for an African seat on the United Nations Security Council.

“African voices, African leadership, African innovation all are critical to addressing the most pressing global challenges and to realizing the vision we all share: a world that is free, a world that is open, prosperous, and secure,” Biden said during his address to the U.S.-Africa Summit Leaders Session.

“Africa belongs at the table in every room — in every room where global challenges are being discussed and in every institution where discussions are taking place,” he added.

Biden confirmed the U.S. plans $55 billion in funding for Africa over the next three years. An additional $21 billion loan, which requires legislative approval from the U.S. Congress, would go to the International Monetary Fund to provide financing for low- and middle-income countries while helping in Africa’s climate and post-COVID economic recovery efforts.

The U.S. plans an additional $75 million to support democratic elections and good governance across the continent. Biden said the partnership with Africa is geared toward the future.

“From South Africa’s world-changing triumph over apartheid to Nigeria’s ‘Not Too Young To Run’ movement empowering a new generation of change-makers, to the record voter turnout in Zambia, where young people demanded a better future, we see over and over again that our greatest power is our people,” Biden said.

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