Tanzanian miners rescued

Tanzania has been highlighted in the media for a myriad of issues lately, in recent days the story of five miners who were trapped underground for 41 days. The miners were found alive this Sunday in the Kahama District of Tanzania. They were immediately rushed to hospital where their conditions…

Drought in South Africa

South Africa is facing a massive drought one of the worst in the past two decades. On Friday the South African government gave a media briefing on the conditions of the drought in the country. The briefing detailed that “South Africa is a water scarce country and ranks as one…

Addressing clean energy needs in Africa – solar power

Addressing clean energy needs in Africa – solar power

Three years ago, Rehema Kanama nearly left from her off grid rural home in western Uganda for a better life in the city. But the 35-year old single mother quickly changed her mind after signing a lease agreement with Solar Now, for a solar connection. Today she no longer has…

Diana Taremwa Karakire is a freelance journalist based in Uganda.

Malawi Government erred on the oil and gas exploration deal

New revelations show that Malawi’s Government has erred by issuing two exploration licences for gas and oil on the World Heritage site of Lake Malawi including the National Park marine protected area which could seriously dent the country’s image in environmental conservation. Godfrey Mfiti, Environmental Activist in Southern Africa says…

Owen Nyaka

Owen has been a jounalist since 2001 and worked in a number of print and electronic media including the Malawi's lone news agency.

Energy challenges in Africa: solution channels and SME participatory opportunities

“Africa could easily be growing at double-digit GDP rates if we solve this problem of energy,” – were the words of the newly elected and eight president of the Africa Development Bank – Akinwunmi Adesina (past Nigerian Minister of Agriculture). He also mentioned that solving the continent’s acute power shortages…

Abiodun Dominic Odunuga

Abiodun Dominic Odunuga is a development practitioner and social entrepreneur.

Uganda oil pipeline threatens regional alliance

A recent deal between Uganda and Tanzania to explore the viability of a joint pipeline may threaten the relationship with Kenya, which was first in line for the project. Last week Kampala announced it had signed a deal with Tanzania and oil company Total to explore the possibility of an…

Paul Busharizi

Paul Busharizi is currently a contributing editor (Business & Politics) at the Uganda's leading daily the New Vision.

Zimbabwe power crisis – what now?

ZIMBABWE has been under the international radar for over a decade on many fronts, politics, human rights abuses and the economy. However, international watches might struggle to pick up a signal over the Southern African country. This is largely due to unprecedented power cuts leading six in 10 people have…

Bhejane Nqobile Bhebhe

Bhejane Nqobile Bhebhe is a Zimbabwe journalist based in the capital, Harare.

Role of agribusiness and opportunities for young Africans

Over the past decade the agricultural sector in Africa has received increased attention from policymakers, researchers, foreign investors, and the development community. Agriculture has been well established as a prominent driver of economic growth and an effective method to reduce poverty and increase food security. However, the majority of agricultural…

Suresh Chandra Babu and Caitlin Shaw

International Food Policy Research Institute.

African Development Bank Group announces energy initiative

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB), yesterday, announced an initiative aimed at solving the African energy deficit by 2025. The announcement of the “New Deal for Energy in Africa” was made at a High Level Stakeholder Consultative Meeting in Abidjan. AfDB Presidnet, Akinwumi Adesina, said “a lot of financing will…

In Kenya, sugarcane farmers struggle in problematic sugar industry

Faced with high costs of production and delayed payment for their harvest, Kenya’s sugarcane farmers have vowed to uproot the crop. NAIROBI, Kenya—President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent trade deal with President Museveni of Uganda to allow Kenya to import sugar from Uganda has attracted criticism and shifted focus to the ailing…

Antony Langat

Anthony Langat is a freelance journalist based in Kenya and specializes in reporting on human rights issues, governance, security and climate change.