Contributor guidelines

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Want to find out more about Africa Times? Send us an email to editor (at) africatimes (dot) com. Please make sure the subject line contains “Submission”.

Articles: The purpose of an article is to give the reader and in-depth view of your chosen topic with as little bias as possible. Try to focus on fact more than on your own opinions.

Blogs: The point of your blog is to get your voice heard; we want to read about your experiences and opinions.

Commentary: This section is open to well-established experts, academics, business and thought leaders, activists and analysts. We want pieces that address issues at the top of the news in an incisive, compelling way or bring to light subject matters that do not receive the attention they deserve.

Formatting your piece:

  • Word limit & number of posts: yours posts should be no shorter than 600 words but the sky’s the limit – we want your pieces to be as visible as possible so write as much as you like. Posts – as many as you like but at least once a month.
  • Photos: they help tell the story and gain further visibility. If you’re writing a blog please send at least one photo per piece. If you’re interested in writing an article you do not have to provide a photo.
  • Original material only: Africa Times is not an aggregator. Please do not send stories that have been sent to other publishers.
  • Citing & defamation: Please make sure to source everything – hyperlink ideas and quotes that you have taken from elsewhere and make sure to name those you interview; first and last names. If your source does not want to be named please provide the name to the editor and a reason for their anonymity (a pen name will be provided by the editor). Defamation – please do not purposely slander someone’s reputation.
  • Formatting: please single space between sentences, single line break between paragraphs and do not indent paragraphs.
  • Style: Please take care to proofread your own work for grammar before submitting it. All submissions are subject to an editorial review process, proofing and possible headline change. Writers will be consulted if major editing is required. Please write in clear and well-constructed sentences. Avoid using the passive voice as much as possible

Commentary and Articles: Email us with your submissions at editor (at) africatimes (dot) com. Please make sure the subject line contains “Submission”.

Blogs: Email us with your submissions at editor (at) africatimes (dot) com. Please make sure the subject line contains “Blog Submission”.