On the path to the African Century

A wide array of literature asserts the growing dominance of Africa in the coming decades. With the continent analogous to images of poverty, conflict and disease, the tides might be changing to a more economically developed Africa. However, the situation may also portend a case of overestimation of its potential….

AP Photo/Carley Petesch

Hissene Habre trial postponed

Chad’s former President, Hissene Habre, was forcibly brought to court for his second day of his trial for crimes against humanity on Tuesday July 21, 2015. On his first day in court, Monday July 20, Habre was removed from the courtroom after shouting that the trial was “a farce.” When…

Suicide bomber in Chad kills 15 people

Reuters reported that a man dressed in a women’s burqa blew himself up on Saturday July 11 killing 15 people and injuring 80, in Chad’s capital N’Djamena at the main market, a police spokesman said. Chad authorities banned the burqa, a head to toe religious garment worn by women, saying…