Breaking Down Monopolies: Key to Africa’s Economic Success

A new report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in London should send shivers down the collective spine of the development community: On its current trajectory, sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) will face a projected shortfall of 50 million jobs by 2040. The paper argues – as have others –…

Arnaud Gallet

Arnaud is a French freelance writer with an African heart who has lived in 10 different Sub-Saharan countries in the past decade. He is currently based in Paris.

Zimbabwe power crisis – what now?

ZIMBABWE has been under the international radar for over a decade on many fronts, politics, human rights abuses and the economy. However, international watches might struggle to pick up a signal over the Southern African country. This is largely due to unprecedented power cuts leading six in 10 people have…

Bhejane Nqobile Bhebhe

Bhejane Nqobile Bhebhe is a Zimbabwe journalist based in the capital, Harare.