Ethiopia’s Abiy: New prize, new book, same old crisis

Ethiopia’s Abiy: New prize, new book, same old crisis

Ethiopia is again on edge, and there’s no reason why anyone at home or in the international community should be surprised. For all of the optimism that came with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s leadership and his commitment to enacting democratic reforms, there’s always been a drumbeat of analysts warning that…

Laureen Fagan

Laureen is the editor of Africa Times

Ethiopia: Oromo leader Merera Gudina’s terrorism case adjourned

Ethiopian courts have adjourned until June 2 the case of leading opposition leader Merera Gudina, chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), who has denied charges of terrorism lodged against him. A hearing scheduled for Thursday followed last week’s 11-page response, presented by Merera and his legal team, arguing that…

#Oromo news network in U.S. works to defeat Ethiopia’s media blackout

Ethiopia’s state of emergency dramatically reduces access to information about the Oromo population from within the country, where independent journalists and bloggers have been silenced for weeks. From outside Ethiopia, however, Oromo journalists and activists continue to provide news of what’s happening behind the veil of tightly controlled state media….