From coast to coast, Africans are inspired to #beatplasticpollution

From coast to coast, Africans are inspired to #beatplasticpollution

As the world marks United Nations World Environment Day, there are more than 1,000 events planned across the African continent as countries and their citizens embrace the #beatplasticpollution theme. “Our world is swamped by harmful plastic waste,” said UN Secretary General António Guterres in a video marking the June 5 event….

Malawi launches new sustainable development strategy plan

Malawi launches new sustainable development strategy plan

Malawi launched its new five-year development plan on Tuesday during a ceremony at Kamuzu Palace, the State House in Lilongwe. The Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III emphasizes climate priorities, alongside agriculture and water resources, in a vision that runs through 2022 and builds on the previous version. It…

A new dawn for a peaceful, prosperous Great Lakes region

Africa Times contributed post By Said Djinnit On 24 February 2013, eleven African heads of state made history in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Peace, Security, and Cooperation Framework (PSCF) for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes region came into being. Sudan and Kenya joined the group 11 months…

Agribusiness in Africa: Unlocking the business potential of smallholders

Agribusiness and agriculture are primed to be the catalysts of Africa’s economic transformation and development in the coming years. According to the World Bank, they are both expected to form a USD $1 trillion industry by 2030 in Sub-Saharan Africa whilst representing 45 percent of the continent’s GDP. Considering the connection between…

Benjamin K. Musampa

Benjamin Musampa is a research associate at l'Observatoire des Amériques

Botswana mining industry adopts new model for sustainability practices

The mines in Botswana will be the first in Africa to adopt a Canadian model of sustainability that requires members to continuously assess their mining practices and report them to the community. The Towards Sustainable Mining® (TSM) initiative looks at six core areas – including greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity conservation and community…

Zambia, Malawi farmers develop resilience to climate impacts

Climate action on agricultural sustainability is a priority for reducing carbon emissions, and much of that work is being done among Africa’s smallholders. The support for local food systems and related anti-poverty efforts in rural regions of the continent is among the priorities laid out in the UN State of…

Low oil price: the threats and opportunities for Africa producers

From 2010 until mid-2014, world oil prices were fairly stable at around $110 per barrel. But over supply from oil producers coupled with weak demand from the Chinese and European economies drowned the world with cheap oil pushing the price further south to its lowest price ($30) since 2003 in…

Erukilede Julius

Erukilede Julius is a legal practitioner, entrepreneur and energy professional.

Thanks to green growth, Gabon is at the forefront of a sustainable Africa

  In 2011, Yale University ranked Gabon first among African countries for the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). This was no accident. In the last 5 years, Gabon has undertaken a deep transformation of its economy in order to follow a more sustainable model of economic development. Thanks to its efforts…

Maixent Accrombessi

Former senior executive in the financial services and import-export divisions of several French private companies, Maixent Accrombessi has risen within the Gabonese state apparatus since 1997.