U.S. imposes sanctions on Turkey

U.S. imposes sanctions on Turkey

The United States government has put its previously threatened economic sanctions on Turkey into force, targeting top Turkish government agencies and officials as tensions between the two nations in the Middle East continued to escalate. “The Turkish government’s actions are endangering innocent civilians and destabilizing the region, including undermining the…

Botswana helps to fund investigation into Syria war crimes

Botswana is the only African nation among the 26 countries so far making financial contributions to support an investigation into serious crimes committed during the Syrian conflict. The International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) will be led by Catherine Marchi-Uhel, a French judge appointed this week to lead the IIIM….

Clinton v. Trump: Has Africa even come up in this debate?

“Has Africa even come up in this debate?” That’s what one person weighing in on social media wanted to know, and he wasn’t the only one to notice the absence of discussion about African nations and foreign policy during the final U.S. presidential debate. Watching in the wee hours, some…

Russia is calling, but how should Africans answer Putin?

Russian and Egyptian forces begin joint military exercises this weekend at Al-Alamein, a city on the Mediterranean coast to the west of Alexandria. The nine-day exercise runs through October 26 and will focus on strategies for removing armed terrorists in a desert environment. It is one of 30 such exercises Egypt…

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