EU signs new economic agreement with Liberia

EU signs new economic agreement with Liberia

The European Union has signed a new Economic Cooperation Agreement with Liberia, and provided an initial €27 million in funding for the West African nation’s budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The commitment follows President George Weah’s trip to attend the annual European Development Days (EDD) Summit, held this week…

Challenging patriarchal systems in DRC: women running for office

Heartbroken, Berthe Mapendo Muke returned to the village she knew full of life only to find it burned to the ground. Green, mountainous and packed with soil, Masisi turned to ashes because of perpetual conflict from armed groups and ethnic militias. In the past two decades there’s been bloodshed in…

Roxanne L. Scott

Roxanne L. Scott is a freelance reporter based in Queens, New York.