Cycling, walking move a greener Africa forward

Cycling, walking move a greener Africa forward

Four African countries are among the world’s five most dangerous for walking and cycling, a new UN Environment Programme report on transportation finds, but positive change is making big strides. From Uganda’s student bike-sharing programs, to Zambia’s village bicycle ambulances and Namibia’s bicycle-based recycling pickup service, Africans are taking an…

Zambia, Malawi farmers develop resilience to climate impacts

Zambia, Malawi farmers develop resilience to climate impacts

Climate action on agricultural sustainability is a priority for reducing carbon emissions, and much of that work is being done among Africa’s smallholders. The support for local food systems and related anti-poverty efforts in rural regions of the continent is among the priorities laid out in the UN State of…

Zambia, SADC launch food aid in drought-stricken south

Zambia, SADC launch food aid in drought-stricken south

The Zambian government began Wednesday to send food relief to neighboring Malawi and Zimbabwe, in an effort to address food shortages in the drought-stricken nations of southern Africa. Shipment of the 48,000 metric tons of maize is part of a USD$2.4 billion humanitarian response coordinated through the Southern African Development…

What will China’s bauxite mining deal mean for Guinea’s environment?

“The cooperation project not only created jobs for young people but brings business opportunities to Guineans,” chirped Kassory Fofana, Minister of State at the Chinese President’s office, as the first cargo ship containing 170,000 tons of bauxite arrived at China’s Yantai Port from Boke Port, Guinea. In March 2015, China’s…

Mohamed Toure

Mohamed Toure is a Malian writer and researcher currently living in Addis Ababa.

How Zambia is tackling malaria

Five-year-old Melanie lives on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city in Chainda compound, a settlement that is less than one square kilometer (.24 square mile) yet houses approximately 26,000 people. She spends her days running around the maze of dirt roads and alleyways, playing with the dozen siblings and…

Alexis Barnes

My name is Alexis Barnes and I am a former NYC-based multimedia journalist currently based in Zambia where I freelance and work in development.

How tech is changing international development

Technology is not often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of international development. Usually we are more focused on overarching ideas like clean drinking water or halting a disease that was eradicated in the developed world decades ago. But in reality, some of the very same…

Andy Prinsen and Alexis Barnes

Andy Prinsen is a writer and multimedia producer based in Denver, Colorado. He has a Masters degree in public affairs and bachelors in journalism. @andyalacarte. Alexis Barnes is a multimedia journalist currently working in development in Zambia. @AlexisKReports.