Where to beyond Power Africa?

Where to beyond Power Africa?

  The passage of the Power Africa bill through the US Congress this week will mean the creation of a new beginning for energy on the continent. The US Senate passed the act in mid-December, with a vote expected this week in the House of Representatives. The legislation, officially called…

A businessman’s solution to Uganda’s currency woes

Uganda entrepreneur Andrew Rugasira on January 10th launched Good African Chocolate to complement his existing line of Good African Coffees. Rugasira is hoping to leverage his decade long experience in getting his coffee onto western retail shelves to do the same for his chocolates. He is under no illusion that…

Paul Busharizi

Paul Busharizi is currently a contributing editor (Business & Politics) at the Uganda's leading daily the New Vision.

Celebrating Africa’s innovators as the new year arrives

Between the 2nd and 11th December while world leaders and negotiators gathered at le Bouget for the climate conference, another important conference was going on in Paris. Planet workshops in partnership with a number of public and private organisations organised an African focus conference tagged “Land of African conference” at…

Erukilede Julius

Erukilede Julius is a legal practitioner, entrepreneur and energy professional.

How Africa can fight climate change by saving trees

“Paris is over. Now comes the hard part,” announced every obvious headline from the New York Times to the Bangkok Post, and most places in between. Heading back on the flight home, one wonders what the final signing of a climate change agreement really meant to delegates like Gabon, Democratic…

Thierry Durand

Thierry Durans is an environmental development consultant based in Paris with 5 years of experience of working in West Africa.

Uganda: cattle rustling – once a revered cultural practice, now a trigger of conflicts

Cattle have always been a symbol of wealth and source of livelihood among many African communities. In the north eastern region of Uganda, cattle have an additional and important function among the Karimojong and Iteso, the two major ethnic groups. Both groups use cattle as a major currency for men…

James Odong

James is an all round journalist, broadcaster, writer, talk show host and human rights activist with a passion for news, good governance, the rule of law, gender and environmental protection.

Solar energy transforming lives in Kenya

Africa was dubbed the ‘dark continent’ due to the little knowledge that Europeans held about its populations and history. However, the phrase could be taking on a new meaning due to the fact that more than three quarters of the continent’s population live in rural areas and aren’t connected to the…

Lydia Limbe

Lydia Limbe is a freelance features writer who is based in Nairobi Kenya and has covered different parts of Africa, including the Indian Ocean Islands.

Uganda gears up for three-way presidential race

At the end of the two-day nomination process in Uganda’s capital, Kampala on Wednesday, it is clear that a three-way race for the presidency is on the cards, an unfamiliar situation that promises some tantalising outcomes. President Yoweri Museveni, the wily veteran going into his fifth presidential bid, lines up…

Paul Busharizi

Paul Busharizi is currently a contributing editor (Business & Politics) at the Uganda's leading daily the New Vision.

Elections in Tanzania spelling danger for albinos in Kenya

Kenyan people living with albinism are living in constant fear of being attacked for their body parts due to elevated threat levels since the Tanzanian elections campaign begun. NAIROBI, Kenya— Since the campaigns for the forthcoming elections in Tanzania kicked off, albinos not only in Tanzania but also in Kenya…

Antony Langat

Anthony Langat is a freelance journalist based in Kenya and specializes in reporting on human rights issues, governance, security and climate change.

Kenya: Pope Francis to visit East Africa as Christians and Muslims fight violent extremism

Nairobi, Kenya: It’s all systems go ahead of the state visit by the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, next month. Preparations to receive the Catholic spiritual leader are in top gear even as Muslims and Christians step up joint efforts to end youth radicalisation in the country. The…

Robert Wanjala

Robert Wanjala is a passionate investigative journalist with over five years experience.

Kenya: slaying the dragon of corruption

Corruption in Kenya has become “socially acceptable” and analysts warn that the systemic graft is undermining peace, security and the democracy of the East Africa’s much touted economy giant. Analysts observe that corruption is much deeper and much more than a lack of political leadership. The anti-corruption institutions are in…

Robert Wanjala

Robert Wanjala is a passionate investigative journalist with over five years experience.

Reviving the Pan-African Dream

With the foreseen economic growth in Africa in the coming decades, a growing fear of losing the African identity began to take hold. Africa’s development entailed involvement of Western powers, which at times conflict with the continent’s ideals. When funding and support often have strings attached to them, African countries…