Big Tobacco’s anti-smoking stance deserves nothing but contempt

Big Tobacco’s anti-smoking stance deserves nothing but contempt

As South African lawmakers press ahead with a range of tobacco control measures, some of the most vehement opposition has come from the tobacco industry itself. While the source of opposition is hardly surprising, the key message is: the manufacturers claim the new plans will stop people from quitting smoking….

Arnaud Gallet

Arnaud is a French freelance writer with an African heart who has lived in 10 different Sub-Saharan countries in the past decade. He is currently based in Paris.

Kenyan doctors in new tussle with government days after ending strike

NAIROBI — The tussle between Kenyan medical practitioners and the government seems to be far from over, days after the Kenya medical practitioners, pharmacists and dentists union (KMPDU) called off a nationwide strike that had lasted for 100 days. Even after an agreement had been reached between the national government,…

Jackson Okata

Jackson Okata is a Kenyan based freelance journalist

New African Union CDC health operations center is open for business

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention was officially open for business on Wednesday, following a ribbon cutting ceremony at the conclusion of this week’s African Union summit. The ceremony celebrated a state-of-the-art Emergency Operating Center in Addis Ababa designed to support early warning and response systems, deliver technical expertise…